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“Anna is truly a gifted healer. After years of serving this country, here and overseas, in war and trauma zones, I became broken and was unable to serve others as a member of the helping profession. Medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists can only do so much. In the end I needed someone who would help me heal on a Soul level. Anna was able to describe to me details of my mother that only someone with spiritual gifts could possibly know, details I’ve never shared with anyone. These details were what I needed to trust Anna and get to the root of my troubles. I’m well on my road to peace again…” (Francis, 2014)



"Anna - her name meaning "Grace" or "Beautiful" and that she is! I first met Anna at The Spirituality Church of Canberra a few years ago!! I remember sitting amongst the congregation when she was doing a mediumship reading and she turned to me and she was amazing. I was only new to the Church and there was no way she could have known what she knew about me. She is the real thing!! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance or healing. She has such a kind, caring heart and she was put on this earth to help and heal others. She is Angel Anna! I'm so blessed to have her in my life! I hope many more people get the chance to cross paths with her. Love her to bits." (L.Z 2018)



"2 years ago I had a past life regression with Anna. I was a healer over 2000 years ago and what's amazing is that, it is exactly what I see when I do healing now!!! I also saw my birth into this world this life time.....that was awesome!!! To be able to reconnect me to a past life relative to what I do now is mind blowing. Anna is a highly skilled Hypnotherapist!

I also did a palmistry workshop with Anna. Although I don't practice this much, it is still a skill I'm grateful to have. Anna is just a beautiful person to work with. She is very professional in either teaching or her other skills. I highly recommend a session with Anna. Whatever tool she uses, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Anna xxx "(Victoria Spiritual Healer 2018 )



"In 2016, I had the pleasure of having a reading with Anna. She used a number of tools (oracle cards and Palmistry) as well as Mediumship to pass on messages from the spirit world. I regularly visit Anna for Reiki sessions and I find these sessions helpful, as well as healing and uplifting - especially if my energy is low! I have completed a number of courses with Anna, including an online course. She is absolutely supportive of her students and facilitates a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Anna is intuitive and has a beautiful energy. I would highly recommend her services. I'm very privileged to have met her on this journey!” (M.D 2018)



"Anna is amazing. I've had quite a few sessions with Anna, including reiki healing, hypnotherapy, counselling and angel card readings. We had some amazing meditations together where Anna channelled my spirit guides and passed over loved ones. I would recommend her to anyone seeking any kind of spiritual or relationship guidance. She has helped me through an extremely challenging time in my life whilst I was going through a marriage break up. " (D.G 2018)



"I had a one on one session with Anna. I also did a workshop on Astrological charts and read her book on Palmistry Power. I have seen Anna doing medium-ship work and I was convinced that she was connecting to spirit.

I found Anna to be very intuitive as she revealed things to me about me that no one could of known whilst reading my palm. Anna has a warm and delightful feminine energy that I was immediately drawn to. She truly is a gifted woman and I am grateful to know her. "(Deb, 2018)



"Here are some of my comments to Anna after our one-on-one sessions over a couple of years. "I felt very different when I left your place last night versus when I arrived...including much more at peace and lighter and even a bit more energized." "I'm so thankful you had time to work with me yesterday and as per usual so generously listened and shared your ways with me. Thank you for your support in the physical and spiritual sense." "As I reflect on the past 12 months I can’t help but think of you. Our meeting, your guidance, our resulting friendship, and your continued support have really touched me and have had lasting effects. I have so much gratitude for things that you helped me expose within myself and for guiding me through some meaningful experiences I didn't ever imagine were possible. You have helped me release and heal in many ways. You have helped me discover what I call the “unknown unknowns”. As in…there are things we know, things we think we know, the things we know are unknown to us, and then the elusive unknown unknowns. I occasionally read the notes you gave me after sessions or my journal entries after sessions and am still learning from them in different ways." She assisted my transforming in many ways and on many levels and I was also fortunate to take her Palmistry classes which I still apply with my own clients. "(Marie 2018)



"I've had the good fortune and privilege to take part in two of Anna's courses - Palmistry and Crystal Healing, have read both of her books which I use as a guide but have also had readings with her. Anna is genuine. Caring Incredibly insightful And most importantly, accurate. She has a wealth of knowledge in so many subjects and walks the talk. I would recommend Anna's courses, readings and therapies to anyone wanting guidance and healing in their life or wanting to further their own spiritual or psychic journey. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. " (Siobhan Murray 2018)



"Anna was incredibly well prepared. Every detail was attended to, from the space to be comfortable to the scope of the teaching. Anna’s experience and skills and knowledge made the day go smoothly while the information, sharing amongst the lovely group and the relaxed atmosphere made the time go so quickly. There was so much to learn and to touch and to feel. Anna is also very efficient with her communication - her professionalism and friendliness are first rate. Thank you." From (Ros 2018)



"Many people say when they see a psychic medium ‘They told me things they couldn’t have known!’. And this is true of Anna’s reading for me. She told me my son came through to her holding a school tie. And that was true, I agreed he had worn one at a ceremony before he passed. The real significance did not occur to me later, when I realised that I had requested the school give the tie to me, and it had been placed in his hand at the funeral. Even I had forgotten that.

That is just one example. What is special about Anna’s reading is that she does not only pass through the messages, she also guides you to try to decipher any symbolism in the message. Her intuitive skills give more connection to where you are, and what you feel and where you are going forward from the time of the reading. I had much to take away with me to reflect on after the reading, for days - even weeks after. Thank you Anna."  (Roslyn  2018)