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Anna's Teaching

Anna teaches other Health professionals around Australia. 

Anna ran a webinar on August 21st titled Neuroscience, Health & Wellbeing!

TV Appearance

Anna was on PTV (Psychic TV) in October, 2017.  Anna spoke about her 2 books and did Psychic readings on air. 

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NMP Course 

Anna designed a course called “Neuroscience, Mindfulness & Peace” (NMP) which she teaches to school teachers and staff across Canberra. Anna also teaches NMP to students & parents as well.

"A spiritual moment with Anna Comerford "

(December 4, 2016) | By Lisa Portolan

Let’s face it, we’re all a little bit interested in the esoteric—even the self-professed sceptics can’t help but be that wee bit fascinated. Whether it’s psychics, or mediums, or palm readers, there’s just something about them and what they could potentially see which sends a shiver up even the staunchest cynic’s spine.

Recently I sat down with Anna Comerford, renowned palm reader, hypnotherapist, psychic medium and healer (reiki, crystal and theta). She’s just released her new book, Palmistry Power, The Art of Reading Palms. She’s been working in the esoteric space for over twenty years. What first struck me about Anna is she doesn’t look like the imagined palm reader. For me the notion of a palm reader conjures images of older women, with scarves tied around their heads, bangles lining their wrists, and heavy beaded necklaces… and robes, either of the tie-died or velvet variety. Anna is anything but, she’s petit, with perfectly coiffed black hair and a smart outfit—but she does have those penetrating eyes which seem to see straight through you.

When asked how she got into the art of palm reading and all things esoteric, she said: “In my early twenties I started being interested in palm reading and tarot, but as a child I had an intuitive sense where I would see something and then it would happen. It was almost prophetic. Most people do have that intuitive side to them, it’s just repressed, it’s about tapping into those gut feelings”.

Anna brings together a series of esoteric practices when working with clients and teaching courses, of which, she offers a few palmistry courses per year. She also conducts tarot and psychic courses. She sees many things when tapped into an individual, whether it be their aura or spirit guides. “I see smudges of colours around people, almost like clouds. I’m able to do this by opening my third eye. This works for mediumship too, where you might see shadows, colours or energies.”

This sort of stuff fascinates me. I personally have never seen anything further than the here and now, the tangible. I have to see it and touch it to know it’s real. But I’m open to the idea that other people might see past this reality—and it strikes me that this is what Anna does, she is able to glimpse something which is more than three dimensional. Anna indicates this can happen at different moments, but you also need to activate your ‘inner psychic’ by tapping into the sub-conscious. While sleeping we can also access ‘delta brainwaves’, messages which exist at the dream level. Anna talks about a universal language of symbols which can be accessed by all of us through our intuition and the sub-conscious.

Anna has had thousands of clients over the years, many of whom return for further sessions of hypnotherapy or psychic mediumship, and more than her fair share of jaw dropping moments, where clients have experienced that Oprah ‘a-ha!’ Anna talks about some of her favourite experiences, where she has reconnected a father and daughter, or assisted to heal a relationship.

Anna melds her intuitive skills with her degrees in Education and Health Science. As a result, her technique is fresh, refined over years of study and practice. Her approach to palmistry incorporates both the left hand (the ancestral hand) and the right hand (our current lives). This means that there might be past experiences in our ancestral line which we carry and might need to address within this lifetime.

 What has always fascinated me about psychics is the notion of a pre-destined path. “There are certainly milestones that we’re supposed to hit, but that’s not saying that will definitely be your path,” says Anna. “There is free will and choice in all of it. You might have lines on your palm that indicate you’ll have four sons but that might not be the case, you might have chosen otherwise.” Anna refers to these divined events as ‘goal posts’.

Relationships are Anna’s thing. In the past she ran ‘soul loving’ classes in Bali to help people open their hearts, heal wounds and love, profoundly. I also received a sneaky peak into Anna’s up-and-coming books, the first on psychic development and techniques.

You might ask, did Anna do a reading for me? She did indeed. I always find readings a bit nerve wracking. What will they say? Will I believe what they say? Will I incorporate too much of it into my life? Well, dear readers, I can’t give you the ins and outs, but I can say that Anna’s reading was a bit like being around an old friend, someone that knows all too much about you, and can perceive twists and turns along the path before they occur…