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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation sessions can be done individually or in small groups of people. Mindfulness and Meditation has amazing outcomes and is helpful for sleep, flexibility, mental health and stamina!

Anna is a qualified Dru yoga and meditation teacher. She does Mindfulness and Meditation each week for her own well-being. Research now reveals to us the importance of Mindfulness and Meditation in healing, heath and energy.

Anna teaches Mindfulness and Meditation to school teachers, students, parents and other Health professionals around Australia and overseas as well.

Cost: $125 per session (55mins)

Groups – please see Anna for more details around costs/ length of time for session.

Client comment: “I thought I would not be able to quieten my mind, but you taught me how to do it effectively and easily. You are Masterful at teaching Mindfulness and Meditation Anna. Thankyou for your patience, insight and fun!" (Chris)