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AUTHOR Talk: SYDNEY, Concord Library, Thursday, October 17th.


in Canberra!

Spirit Lightworker & Coach Course:


Spiritual Guide & Lightworker Coaching Certificate


Spiritual Guide & Lightworker Coaching Certificate
10.00- 5.00pm on 

CANBERRA: 21.7.19!

SYDNEY 20.10.19!

Stage 1: $222 for the one day course that even though no certificate is handed out you will receive a day where you can experience more deeply the depth of your own Soul and experience working with others as you join in discussions, exercises, meditations and joy! The Spiritual Guidebook is included and given to all participants. (If you already have a copy of The Spiritual Guidebook the fee is $202).

Stage 2: If you would like to get the Certificate and coach others the cost is $444. (If you already have a copy of The Spiritual Guidebook the fee is $424).After the day course you will be required to answer questions and find 4 people you can work on so you can experience what its like to coach others with the techniques you have learnt. Also you will enjoy recording the exercises you do for yourself re self love and self-care as, all good teachers, healers and coaches work on their own self-development.

* We can support ourselves, and others, with our hearts, our Wisdom and the wonderful ability we have to listen. Our HEART has the word EAR in it for a reason!

Aim of this course is to:
Help Others
Help Your Self
Help the World

The 1 Day Course will cover:
1. 3rd eye Awakening , Dreams, Power of Visualisations & Self- hypnosis
2. Chakras, Auras, Expanding your energy field
3. Inner child, Shamanic Wisdom and Natures Love For You
4. Nature Healing, Psychic Intuition, Mediumship
5. Clearing and cleansing techniques
6. Healing self and others though Cosmic energy, Crystals and food.
7. Readings doing tarot, Oracle cards, Numerology and connecting with Divine Spirit.
8. Ethics, Compassion and Respectful ways to support another person
Text: The Spiritual Guidebook

Two 30 min breaks; please bring your own lunch and snacks will be provided for our afternoon tea.

Looking forward to connecting with YOU!
Love Anna xox





Courses Refund Policy

50% refunds given for cancellations made 7 days or more before course is held. No refunds given if cancellations are made within 7 days prior to course. If a course is cancelled the student is able to either request a refund or book into the next available course.