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In this Astrology session you will get a copy of your Natal chart. Anna will give you an Intuitive reading on your chart and highlight the aspects of the chart that are pertinent to you at the time you were born so that you can understand your life better. You also will be given an informative report (from Solar Fire) to take home with you.

Client comment: “Thanks Anna, your Astrology session made me realise I am on the right path and that I need to fine tune a few areas of my life so that I can move forward successfully.” (Chris)

** Please send Anna your Birth details:

  1. Birth Date e.g. 12.04.78
  2. Place of Birth e.g. Dublin, Ireland
  3. Time of Birth e.g. 6.05pm (If you do not know any of these facts just let me know and I can work around this.)
  4. Birth Name e.g. Martha Sally Lewis (the Exact names you were given at Birth)
  5. Current name e.g. Mary Sally Kent (the Names you use now to Identify yourself).

Cost:  $120 approx 1 hour