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Relationship Sessions (Couples or Singles)

Note: Relationship Sessions are suited to singles, couples or families. You may be a single person who is requiring information about dating and relating to others. Or, you may be a couple who wants to ignite your relationship and learn specific skills to further enhance your relationship. Families may aim to seek clarity around family dynamics as well as create a healing and happy space in their home and lives.

Client comments:

"My partner and I really enjoyed the relationship/intimacy session with you. We needed to reconnect with each other and learn new ways to relate. Thanks so much for helping us". (Pete and Grace)

Note: Family Therapy: Sometimes it helps to have another person to listen to what’s going on. Anna has been through challenges in her life and has used many different techniques in her own life, and with clients, to help make the healing process. Anna has studied Gottman’s work as well as Byron Katie, Hendrix and Family therapy theory. Anna studied Psychology at University in both her degrees:  Teaching degree & Health Science degree. Anna works intuitively and insightfully as a healer, mentor and activist in what is one the biggest crisis of our times- disconnection with self and others. If you feel you are ready for healing, peace, hope and abundance then step on board and see what happens in your life when you say YES!

Clients comments:

“Thank you for Guiding us to a richer, deeper and more connectiveness in our relationship Anna. The tools you taught us will help our children and the way we approach our life.” (Sam & Chris)

"Thankyou for your dating advice. You have helped me emotionally to move on from a toxic relationship and you have helped me to navigate my way into dating and romance again. Thankyou for your expertise, your openness and, for the new strategies you have given to me. I am forever grateful to you" (J.V)

Cost: $150 per hour

Clients comment: “Thanks Anna for helping me and my daughter to see eye to eye. We had been harboring a lot of resentment and confusion & through your sessions we could see the whole situation with new, fresh eyes. Thank you as it has transformed our relationship!” (Jess & Lisa)

Client comment: “Thanks for encouraging me to go back into the dating scene Anna. I was blocking my own dreams, but you showed me how to step out with new strategies, goals and faith!” (Lauren)